At A+ Media we know this is a once in a lifetime event. We want to capture not only the formal events but also the elements that make your event fun and memorable. We know it’s your family and friends that make your event different from anyone else’s. So we try to get many shots of you and your guests having fun and in candid situations. We produce stunning video by using professional videographers, crystal clear audio components, multiple digital cameras, and state of the art editing suites.
Video During Wedding.

Video Picture Books

We are very well known for our video story books. We can use your photos, slides and other video clips, and put them on video for you to tell a story of what your life was like before you met. With a creative interview we can tell a story of what your life was like when you met. We can even announce your wedding party on video using some very creative methods. Our professional videographers have many creative ideas to make your memory masterpiece unlike any other.