Romance at the Rococo.

April 25th, 2011

11:45 p.m., Saturday night.

A hush falls over the dance floor where, for the past few hours, scores of guests have danced, mingled, cavorted and laughed in the lofty, ornate Rococo Theatre. The groom watches as his own image, like a 20-foot-tall digital doppelganger, is projected in the front of the room. He is surrounded by his bride, his parents, his best man. Every guest hushes in anticipation. All eyes are on the screen.

The prerecorded Scott addresses his bride: “We did it! We are married; it’s official. Man, we spent so much time for this day and, I’m sure it’s everything we wanted it to be.”

This is when the groom, on screen, begins to break down. Moments pass as he regains his composure. Guests reach for hankies.

“You really do mean the world to me,” he continues. “The first time I saw you, I was like ‘I’ve got to meet that girl; I’ve got to get to know her.’ I just can’t believe that we’re here and I get to call you my wife now.”

More heartfelt sentiments are expressed, and the groom’s face on screen gives way to the bride’s: “I can’t tell you how excited I am to spend the next days and the next years with you,” she begins, “just continuing to get to know you and to grow with you.”

Two speeches. Two short minutes and the reception hall is transformed from boisterous dance floor to one romantic, intimate moment, and the soaring surroundings of the aptly-named Rococo Theatre suddenly shrink down to the small space surrounding two people.

In an unscripted scene worthy of Hollywood, the first few notes of Ben Folds’ “The Luckiest” begin playing over the speakers and the bride and groom begin to share the last dance as all other party-goers clear off the dance floor and stand off to the side, watching and wiping away tears.

“I know that I am the luckiest”, sings Ben Folds.

Just for this moment, everything is still, and the Rococo has never felt more intimate.

After the fun, competitive Survivor game; after the dance-offs; after all the toasts and the wine, the NFL garter toss and the hilarious Love Story video; after all the fun and memory-making entertainment and moments of the night, everything comes down to this one moment. Romance.

Scott and Teagan knew, being at the Rococo Theatre, that they wanted to be able to utilize the beautiful, spacious screen and projector to its fullest capacity. We took their vision and ran with it. Working with their parents and bridal party, we used the screen in a variety of ways: to entertain, to amuse and, most importantly, to create romance and memories. We didn’t create the feelings Scott and Teagan have to each other. Working with them and the audio-visual staff at the Rococo, however, we were able to help create moments that everyone else could share.

With a couple dozen more ultimate packages lined up in the next few months, 2011 is looking to be a banner year for the twin companies of A+ Nightlife Entertainment and A+ Media. In the grandeur of the lighting, the venue, the videos, and the events, we know we will always use our technology and expertise to create one thing:


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