Matt and Melissa, May 14, 2011

May 18th, 2011

Matt and Melissa decided to tie the knot in Hawaii on Valentine’s day, 2011. The celebration continued three months later with a reception in their honor at Country Inn & Suites. Matt, dressed to the nines in his National Guard suit was Melissa’s knight in shining armour!

What a treat for all guests there to get to experience a taste of their actual wedding as we edited their vows directly into their video photo slide show, which was shown during their first dance. Absolutely breathtaking! Dustin, the Disc Jockey and Brenda, the Entertainment Director really made a great team choosing music and lighting that kept everyone on the dance floor. We actually had several comments about the lighting package that night being the most dynamic anyone has ever seen. We were also able to capture the feel of Hawaii by setting up several lit palm trees around their buffet room.

The highlight of the night would be when we started to do a dance off with a father and his son from Hawaii and they actually treated us to a Hawaiian chanting tradition! The crowd erupted with applause and we led right in to a dance competition with this father/son duo giving us quite the show. The 14 year old son won the dance off hands down taking home the much sought after bling necklace. I know with the wonderful hospitality of the staff at Country Inn & Suites and the A+ Nightlife Entertainment staff that these guests will be talking about Matt and Melissa’s reception for years to come.

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