John and Austyn June 4th, 2011

June 6th, 2011

The historical Barns at the Lied Lodge was the setting for Austyn and John’s wedding reception on June 04, 2011. Coryell Park just outside Brock NE., right in front of the chapel was where the wedding was held. They had a string quartet for the ceremony while we provided audio for the Pastor and some post ceremony music. A+ Nightlife Entertainment and A+ Media worked primarily with Austyn and her mom since November of 2010 on this event, and the planning really paid off.

John was a Marine and because of that they got a sizable military discount. However they had trusted us with a very large package for their day. We had not had the pleasure of meeting John until the last month or two before their event because he was stationed in southern California and had a tour in Iraq. After we got to meet with John and Austyn together we noticed right away how totally in love these two were. They asked me to write their love story for the love story presentation, however their story pretty much wrote itself. It was full of romance, humor and even tragedy. During the grand entrance a couple of their guys entered while doing flips and holding a drink in there hand even while they were flipping! Sarah, their Maid of Honor, was one of the sweetest women we have ever met. She kept checking with us to see how we were doing and even brought us a couple of beverages throughout the night.

The caterers at the Lied Lodge provided traditional grilled favorites with all the ingredients being fresh and grilled right before your eyes. In fact all the staff at the Lied Center were very proficient at everything they did. Their photographer was one of the hardest working photographers we have ever seen. He was there until the last dance of the night and we often saw him setting up creative shots throughout the night as well. His name was Terry Cue from “Images by TLC”

Our team included Josh Haws as lead videographer and editor for the wedding, and Josh also produced John and Austyn’s slide shows, and their last word. Justin Shoen was the lead reception videographer, and lighting tech, Dustin Kaiser was the DJ, back up video grapher, and sound tech for the wedding. Mike Kaiser was the “last word” videographer, Assistant wedding videographer, Love story author and presenter, and Entertainment Director. Our entire crew ended up falling in love with both Austyn and John and their families that night. They were two of the most down to earth and friendly people you will every meet. A+ Media, and A+ Nightlife Entertainment thanks Austyn, John, and their families for allowing us to be a part of this unforgettable night.

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