John and Austyn June 4th, 2011

The historical Barns at the Lied Lodge was the setting for Austyn and John’s wedding reception on June 04, 2011. Coryell Park just outside Brock NE., right in front of the chapel was where the wedding was held. They had a string quartet for the ceremony while we provided audio for the Pastor and some post ceremony music. A+ Nightlife Entertainment and A+ Media worked primarily with Austyn and her mom since November of 2010 on this event, and the planning really paid off. (more…)

Jeremy and Renae, June 4, 2011

Six years ago, we were the MC at a wedding reception at Divots in Norfolk. Jeremy and Renae as guests, knew then they wanted us to DJ their reception, whenever they decided to get married.

The Eagles Club in Columbus was the setting for their June 4th reception of 300 people. Sun Valley Caterers had an amazing spread of tender roast beef and all the fixings. So many fun, new memories were created that night including the recognition of Jeremy’s grandparents celebrating 58 years of marriage and Grandpa’s words of advice to Jeremy being “Just say yes dear”. Jeremy’s aunt Patty “survived” the Survivor Game (barely) and took home the LED glasses that grandma was modeling and won bragging rights for Jeremy to spend all the Honeymoon dance money. The dance really kicked off with dad playing his air guitar to Shook Me All Night Long with everyone else snapping pictures. Good times were had by all. It is such an amazing experience to see past clients and their children knowing we were such an intimate part of their wedding day. Nicole and Travis Musselman were the photographers and we made a great team working together to make sure they knew what was coming up. The A+ staff included Jordan as Disc Jockey and Brenda as the Entertainment Director.

Luke and Sara, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day 2011 kicked off with a chilly day, but enough love and warmth to keep Luke and Sara’s outdoor wedding and reception at Country Pines hopping ’til midnight. Ben and Nancy, the caterers at Country Pines, prepared an awesome spread of sandwiches and appetizers.

After the Shoe Game, Luke and Sara started their married life together with a song entitled “That’s Beautiful to Me” by Jaron and the Long Road to Love. We showed pictures of the two of them together through a projector onto a giant screen while they were dancing that really created such a romantic setting and experience for all. The music videos shown throughout their dance were a definite hit! Their soloist, also named Sara, was the party animal of the night, leading everyone out in the train and encouraging all guests to have some fun. Their photographer, Dani Attanasic, did an amazing job capturing the romance that night. Congratulations again to Luke and Sara and we wish them all the best!

Jessica & Zack, May 27, 2011

The Firefighter’s reception hall (Local 644) was the location for Jessica and Zack’s reception and St. Vincent’s in Seward was the location of their wedding. Father Rodriguez said something that really stuck with me. He said “when you promise to love each other until death you are making that promise to the face of Jesus” and he pointed to a statue of Jesus. After videotaping Jessica and Zack’s wedding Josh Haws edited the vows and had their DVD burning at the beginning of dinner, so we could show the vows and exchange of rings during their first dance. Tim and Marilu, Jessica’s parents hired us for pretty much everything we do. We put up a 6 pillar Dance floor canopy with white lights, 20 foot back drop for behind the head table, with white lights and a 10 foot back drop behind the cake table, again with white lights. We were the videographers, and the entertainment staff as well. Luckily Julie at the firefighter’s hall let us set up everything on Thursday night for their Friday night wedding reception. We were there 4 hours on Thursday night, not to mention all day on Friday and into Saturday morning.


Wedding and Reception at the Gardens – Chris and Ashley May 21, 2011

Our May 21st wedding reception for Chris and Ashley, we wondered if it was going to really happen. Ashley was just finishing her Master’s thesis, They had just bought a house 9 hours away from their current home, They were closing on the house and trying to move out of state. Ashley just graduated, and Chris got a job out of state. Even Chris’s Dog had to have surgery all of this happened a couple of weeks before their wedding at the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens in Omaha. (more…)

Matt and Melissa, May 14, 2011

Matt and Melissa decided to tie the knot in Hawaii on Valentine’s day, 2011. The celebration continued three months later with a reception in their honor at Country Inn & Suites. Matt, dressed to the nines in his National Guard suit was Melissa’s knight in shining armour!

What a treat for all guests there to get to experience a taste of their actual wedding as we edited their vows directly into their video photo slide show, which was shown during their first dance. Absolutely breathtaking! Dustin, the Disc Jockey and Brenda, the Entertainment Director really made a great team choosing music and lighting that kept everyone on the dance floor. We actually had several comments about the lighting package that night being the most dynamic anyone has ever seen. We were also able to capture the feel of Hawaii by setting up several lit palm trees around their buffet room.

The highlight of the night would be when we started to do a dance off with a father and his son from Hawaii and they actually treated us to a Hawaiian chanting tradition! The crowd erupted with applause and we led right in to a dance competition with this father/son duo giving us quite the show. The 14 year old son won the dance off hands down taking home the much sought after bling necklace. I know with the wonderful hospitality of the staff at Country Inn & Suites and the A+ Nightlife Entertainment staff that these guests will be talking about Matt and Melissa’s reception for years to come.

Romance at the Rococo.

11:45 p.m., Saturday night.

A hush falls over the dance floor where, for the past few hours, scores of guests have danced, mingled, cavorted and laughed in the lofty, ornate Rococo Theatre. The groom watches as his own image, like a 20-foot-tall digital doppelganger, is projected in the front of the room. He is surrounded by his bride, his parents, his best man. Every guest hushes in anticipation. All eyes are on the screen.

The prerecorded Scott addresses his bride: “We did it! We are married; it’s official. Man, we spent so much time for this day and, I’m sure it’s everything we wanted it to be.”

This is when the groom, on screen, begins to break down. Moments pass as he regains his composure. Guests reach for hankies.